Monster in the closet, do you believe in them?

Did I tell you about my last weekend when I went to watch the movie with my friends. We planned to watch a horror movie which was the monster in the closet. The movie was very good. The album tracks were also amazing and the special effects were wonderful and realistic. The location which was used in the movie was marvelous. I really enjoyed that one. While watching movie I remembered my childhood days, how me and my little brother john used to go movie with Dad. Along with horror movies I also liked cartoon movies like Cinderella, snow white, Alice in the wonderland etc. these were the epic movies.

After watching movie we were talking outside the theater, so my friends told me about the pokie machine which was the same movie name. After that I backed my home and surfing on the net, because next day also was my off so I had nothing to do special. So I checked about that game which my friend told me. I found some online reviews about it. So I came to know it was a slot machine and I downloaded that one on my iPhone. When I played it first time I did not like it very much and also I did not really know about the rules and strategies. So I stated watching some beginner video on youtube. That was good decision of mine because if I played it without any knowledge definitely I lost it.

When I did sign up with this, it gave me some bonus points to play for free. I think this is the best feature about the online gaming that it gives some free spins for the both beginners or experienced gamers so that they can play first free chances free. But never make it an addiction because once you get addicted with it then there is not so easy way to get rid out of this. So before it happen take care of it. I hope this post will help you out to overcome your addiction.