Casino parties can be fun and entertaining for all occasions. A number of “dealers” can be used to create casino-themed parties. They will need plenty of play money or the real deal if your guests are bold! There should be at least two tables with different games. Here are two great casino party games.

Casino Party Game “Beat the Dealer”.

One-on-one play is one of the most popular casino party games. The dealer will turn over one card and the player must decide if the next card to be dealt will be higher or less (aces are high). The game is over once an incorrect guess has been made. Prizes are determined based on how many correct guesses were made in consecutive games.

Casino Party Game “High-Rolling Two Up”

It’s impossible to find a simpler casino party game than simple two-up. This casino party game requires two coins and a flat, long wood or similar piece. It also needs a large area to play. The “dealer” uses the wood to flip two coins Then, the players wager on whether they land on heads, tails, or one of them. Players can double their money and win four times as much with a correct tail-tail or head-head guess.

Casino party games are great fun, even if you lose or win. You don’t need a lot of money to create a little bit of Vegas in your lounge-room.

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