Enjoy Major Millions With Entertainment

This Friday night I was working late at office and there was this new IT guy who was also there with me. Till then we hadn’t talked much this night we got some time to talk with each other. And I came to know that he is from Australia and also fond of the casino slots of there.

So when I came to know that he also play online poker machines I instantly become interested in him as I had this thing for Australian pokies too and now had this guy, who could tell me all about them. In order to know about the slot machine I invited him over at my place. And when he came I felt real excited, very first we shared the drinks and then he pick out his phone from the pocket.

By seeing this my heart started beating little faster as I was a layman to this gambling world and now I was going to play it. So very first he told me about this game called major millions. He also told me that it is one of the most played and popular game of the industry and that day we were going to play the same.

Later he told me that it is as a five reel, twenty pay line progressive slot machine. And the player can make the max coin option to 250, with the max coin option sitting at 10 coins per pay line. So we started playing it with the free spin he has spared and after sometime he let me play the game all by myself. And I was pretty happy to see that I was playing pretty great with the pokie. Later he also appreciated me and promised to rendezvous again, so that we can enjoy the slots together again.

Magic Multiplier: The Magic slot review

The best thing about playing the online casino slot that support the multiplier option is that you don’t have to put all your efforts to win some big money. The multiplier does it anyways and the player just needs to hit some big jackpots and if you apply the multiplier the wining amount get multiplied itself. And this last week I came to know that there is a slot game also that bears the same name called magic multiplier.

So, I thought of trying it myself and for that I made some research online to read more about it and I came to know that this pokie has been themed on the magician game, where the main symbol of the game is the magician itself which certainly can be substituted for other symbol to make the perfect winning combination.

When I come to the specs of this magician’s slot I found that it is a non-progressive game that accepts bets on up to thirty pay lines and five reels and is certainly getting pretty popular among the players. And with the Magic Multiplier option player can really make the credits worth anything from dollar 0.01 to dollar 0.10 each. Players can wager between one and twenty coins on each of the game’s 30 pay lines.

To play the slot, I made the download of the app in my iPhone and started playing it with the free spins and since I was playing pretty well from the very beginning I went for the real money version as well and made a decent amount of money with it and to conclude I can certainly say that my experience with the magician slot was really great and I would love to play it again in future as well.

Monster in the closet, do you believe in them?

Did I tell you about my last weekend when I went to watch the movie with my friends. We planned to watch a horror movie which was the monster in the closet. The movie was very good. The album tracks were also amazing and the special effects were wonderful and realistic. The location which was used in the movie was marvelous. I really enjoyed that one. While watching movie I remembered my childhood days, how me and my little brother john used to go movie with Dad. Along with horror movies I also liked cartoon movies like Cinderella, snow white, Alice in the wonderland etc. these were the epic movies.

After watching movie we were talking outside the theater, so my friends told me about the pokie machine which was the same movie name. After that I backed my home and surfing on the net, because next day also was my off so I had nothing to do special. So I checked about that game which my friend told me. I found some online reviews about it. So I came to know it was a slot machine and I downloaded that one on my iPhone. When I played it first time I did not like it very much and also I did not really know about the rules and strategies. So I stated watching some beginner video on youtube. That was good decision of mine because if I played it without any knowledge definitely I lost it.

When I did sign up with this, it gave me some bonus points to play for free. I think this is the best feature about the online gaming that it gives some free spins for the both beginners or experienced gamers so that they can play first free chances free. But never make it an addiction because once you get addicted with it then there is not so easy way to get rid out of this. So before it happen take care of it. I hope this post will help you out to overcome your addiction.

Grand 7s, an Awesome Pokie Game

The role of gaming in the life of any human being plays a very vital role in passing off the time with full entertainment. There are bunches of suggestion which you can go for either that may be outdoor or indoor. The most important one is the self-satisfaction of the human being. Through this post I would like to suggest you to go through online pokies which may give you fun and even certain number of prizes too. I am fond of that one and usually go for the ride of Grand 7s.

It is the perfect one for the gamblers who are in habit of going through 3- reels and which have fixed jackpot. This one provides the maximum amount of lottery return even betting with the smaller amount. Sometimes I use to play this even I am the seat and watching the rugby championships.

Before making the download of this app I went for the complete review of the forum which was posted in aspect of this one, the weight of that one really forced me to go for this. The symbols in the reels are of many times of such as classics seven, bars and cherry which a player have to make them in a series in the active lines.

The graphics is awesome and you will get the option to change its background image according to the options provided, I usually make it as rugby ground and get on my helmet while going through this. The user has the facility to make the wagering according to their pocket ranging from $0.25 to $5 per coin on each spin. My uncle use to visit through this one even on the dining table too.

The bigger win of this event can be taken by hitting the three red 7 which appears on the paylines and this one will equals to the round of jackpot. I was feeling overwhelmed by the hitting of the triple 7 which gave me many rewards.

Free Aristocrat Pokies Online are Pretty Awesome

The essence of writing this post is to share my feelings about the gambling world and its hidden beauty which really made me crazy. The amazing world of the games here made me a more focused person and a better player. I learned so much of the things that really made me more patient and determinant in my area of interest. I am saying so much positive about it because this activity completely changed my attitude and I started to enjoy risk in life. The multiplayer pc games are of the most interest to me from the childhood as they are the heavy source of the entertainment for the people of any age.

It was the time when I was enjoying my friend’s wedding and we all the old buddies reunited. Then we stayed in a resort after returning from the ceremony place. Then I decided to play some free pokies (the aristocrat pokies are ones of the best) as I heard before that it is the most popular casino game in Australia. It is the slot basically based on the theme of Australia. Its view can be realized from the fact that it has the touch of the wildlife including the kangaroos. It is a rare multiplayer game where the playing with so many players can be seen in the real time. It is the updated version of the old no worries pokies, but not the multiplayer features. It was released in 2007 with 9 paylines.

As the name suggests, it is actually an activity with no worries and so much good in hand if played with efficiency and confidence. But any gamer has to do some basic things to be good at hand and to achieve plenty of rewards at this place. The tips and tricks is the most common thing. But the strategy of winning is different as per the thinking and the level of the understanding of the person. One may like the easiest way of winning while others may want the maximum amount at any cost and so they use to put on stake everything for the just the desire to win.

Lucky Witch- Everyone Must try

Being online is a big source of information to each one of us for any field, whether it may be your favorite game, or the event of your kind. It is the big source of any info and more like a teacher for you. If you ask me its place in my life, I can say that it is more like a friend and a part of my life. My eyes opened with the phone in my hand chatting with the buddies and close the eyes with the laptop in front of me. The top pokie games are amazing and I used to spend most of the time playing them.

One of my favorite from the long list is the Lucky Witch. It is the online video slot, where many women with amazing costume are giving magic with lots of wealth and the winning upto 40,000 coins. It has the 5 reel and the 15 paylines with many interesting features including the bonus features, wild and the scattered symbols and the free spins as well. The potion bonus and the pumpkin bonus are also the additional points if you win more.

I learned it from the various sites giving the slot review on a single click. Also the free spins give you the chance to double your winning amount. This is the best thing that moved me hard towards this game. So I tried it and influenced with the graphics and the animations of the same because of the platform being provided by the microgaming software. Also the sound quality is superb giving an amazing slot interface and thus and an original casino experience.

This is a promising slot game with so much exciting hidden into it. And anyone here can try it if fond of the online gaming like me because there are plenty of best things and options here for you to enjoy the life. Go ahead and take out the best from this beautiful world so that you have something to share with your grandchildren and you never feel like less happy in our life. I moved with the same feel and now very well satisfied with my selecting.