The UK gambling industry was quiet until FullTilt exploded. Remember the scandal involving the British players being unable to withdraw their funds from this poker site? The Department of Culture, Media, and Laughingstocks have taken steps to protect UK players from the dangers of online gambling.

It’s great that the British government cares so much about their citizens’ hard-earned money, safety, and security. But the question is, will British gamblers be benefited from a ban on non-UK-based online casinos?

According to the new rules, all operators of casino businesses in the UK that wish to operate a gambling operation will need to apply to the Gambling Commission to obtain a license. Although Treasury avoids making direct announcements, it is unlikely that anyone doesn’t know the actual reasons behind this interference. This is the first step in claiming lost taxes when many UK online casinos went overseas.

Some industry giants have relocated to smaller countries to avoid the high UK taxes. They wanted to compete effectively with online casinos offshore, so they may have to reconsider.

The new licensing system may also result in the cancellation of the “allowlist,” which was used to place online casino operators licensed in one jurisdiction in a favorable position. They will no longer be allowed to advertise or operate in the UK under the new law unless the British Gambling Commission licenses them. This could suggest that there will be fewer online casinos available for UK gamblers.

Michael Caselli is a world-renowned expert on online gaming and editor of iGaming Business magazine. He stated that the tax rate reflects how much value a punter receives. A 10% tax rate means that punters get 10% less weight. Online casinos may want to offset their extra tax so that British players won’t lose.

However, offshore gambling jurisdictions like the Isle of Man don’t seem concerned about licensing changes. They feel they have high regulatory standards comparable to those in Britain. As Allan Bell MHK (Isle of Man Economic Development Minister) observed, “the UK Gambling Commission doesn’t want to duplicate the work of our Gambling Commission in regulating our operators.”

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